European Commission's Innovation Radar highlights 20 innovations from Altice Labs

19/03/2021     Innovation / Awards / Innovation Radar / European Comission

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Altice Labs is the Portuguese institution with the highest number of innovative technologies distinguished by the European Commission's Innovation Radar, under the Horizon 2020 programme (2014-2020).

Developed by Altice Labs in the consortium projects in which it participated, there are 20 innovations already recognised by the European Commission under this initiative, which aims to identify innovations and breakthroughs with the greatest disruptive potential and high technological maturity in research and innovation projects funded by the EU.

The 20 innovations are distributed among three areas: Secure Networks and Computing, Smart and Sustainable Society and Deep Technology, having been developed within 12 different projects.

With the "Fiber Extender Linecard for OLT System Uplink" technology that will enable terabit speeds per second (1 tera is 1 million Mega - in one second we can download 142 hours of HD video), in the future generation of 6G networks, and recently published in the Innovation Radar, Altice Labs reaches the mark of 20 references of technologies and solutions with the greatest disruptive and innovative potential.

This is yet another recognition given, among many others already received, to the main innovation, research and development engine of the Altice Group.

For Alcino Lavrador, General Manager of Altice Labs, this is an award for all those in Altice Labs who worked on these projects and overcame the challenge of creating technologies that did not exist, but have the potential to be explored as attested by the European Commission.

The European Commission's Innovation Radar is a platform that publishes and highlights, by country and entity, the innovative technologies developed within the framework programmes to encourage and support innovation in the European Union.


The 20 Altice Labs innovations highlighted by the European Commission

- Plug & Play Control Framework for providing control and customization to end-to-end slice instances (Projeto SLICENET)
- Fiber extender linecard for OLT system uplink (Projeto TERRANOVA)
- Network slicing mechanism for Multi-PoP NFV orchestration environments (Projeto 5GTANGO)
- Validation and Verification (V&V) of network services as a key element for a full DevOps approach in NFV environments (Projeto 5GTANGO)
- IPTV Recommender with Flink (Projeto STREAMLINE)
- Autonomic management framework with tactical action and predictive capabilities (Projeto SELFNET)
- Monitoring and Analyser Module for guranteed network KPIs (Projeto SELFNET)
- Multi-tenant aware monitoring of virtual-/physical infrastructures (Projeto SELFNET)
- Self-Healing module for programmable networks (Projeto SELFNET)
- Flexible open-source service platform for Network functions virtualization (NFV) (Projeto SONATA)
- A framework for building a global real-time decentralised communication infrastructure for peer-to-peer service Interoperability (Projeto RETHINK)
- Innovative Management and Orchestration framework for NFV services (Projeto TNOVA)
- "Network App" Development Toolkit (Projeto T-NOVA)
- Application and API marketplace as a service (Pojeto MO-BIZZ)
- Sticky Policies Access Control and Encryption (Projeto SMARTIE)
- "Network App" Development Toolkit (Projeto T-NOVA)
- Marketplace for cloud applications and their APIs (Pojeto MO-BIZZ)
- Evolved Node B: convergence of ultra-high speed broadband services to provide Gigabit and +100Mbps to residential and corporate users (Projeto SODALES)
- Real-time WebRTC Data Channe (Projeto IoT.est)
- Business Cockpits (Projeto BESOS)

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