Upgrade of the NGIN CCP platform (NGIN Convergent Charging and Policy) at Mascom Wireless in Botswana

30/07/2020     Mascom Wireless / NGIN CCP

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For the last 22 years Mascom Wireless has been the mobile market leader in Botswana. During this period Altice Labs was a supplier of a converged Billing platform which hosts Mascom’s innovative products and services portfolio.

As Mascom evolves its ecosystem to position itself as the digital services provider of choice in Botswana, they have once again engaged Altice Labs to upgrade their platform to the 4th generation, known as NGIN CCP.

This upgrade also includes a refresh of the infrastructure to a fully virtualized environment.

The tools and functionalities made available in this new generation of NGIN, which is based on Altice Labs long years of experience in this business area, respond to an increasingly competitive and convergent market, providing the operator with the necessary capacity to, autonomously, launch innovative products quickly and safely.

Nuno Honório, Managing Director of Network Control & Service Platforms at Altice Labs commented on this project: "With the evolution to NGIN CCP, Altice Labs provides a great competitive advantage to Mascom. This is a core system on all Business Support Systems (BSS), and our advantages are: scalability, flexibility and a great user experience focused on Mascom end users. It’s a great honor to continue to provide solutions for the leading operator in Botswana, to help Mascom to continue to grow and to keep providing state of the art technology".

Lilly Sullivan, Chief Information Officer at Mascom Wireless Botswana, stated "The Billing platform is a cornerstone of our operation so we are excited about this new development and looking forward to take more innovative solutions to the market".

NGIN CCP provides to the end users best in class self-care operations, transparency and ease of use while giving Service Providers the agility and flexibility needed for the age of Digital Transformation.

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