PT Inovação obtains pioneering global certification for its latest generation Ethernet services


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news image PT is one of the first companies in the world to be awarded the new CE 2.0 (Carrier Ethernet 2.0) certification for its Ethernet technology telecommunications network equipment. This certification comes in recognition of the considerable research and development investment that the company has made in the networks of the future.

The certification was awarded by the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum), an organization that brings together over 200 telecommunications companies and aims to encourage the adoption of Carrier Ethernet networks and services. The MEF develops the technical specifications for the Carrier Ethernet and sets up the necessary agreements for worldwide dissemination of these.

Ethernet is a language computers use to communicate with each other and was originally employed in local company networks. Carrier Ethernet is an expansion of this idea, designed to interconnect locations and create national and transnational networks that offer speeds of 100 gigabits per second (100,000 megabits per second). It also offers improved security and scalability, guaranteed quality of service and high levels of availability.

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 represents the new generation of these networks. Its significantly increased bandwidth means that telecommunications operators have been able to offer superior levels of service, particularly as regards optimizing access to the Cloud and the 4G mobile network. This, in turn, has boosted the uptake of remote services such as distance teaching and telemedicine.

According to one of the inventors of the Ethernet technology - Bob Metcalfe, “40 years after its inception, Ethernet continues to innovate. CE 2.0 gives service providers the ability to create and deploy a host of services, with multiple levels of service agreement.”

Carrier Ethernet is the most successful telecommunications technology of the last decade. It is estimated that, in 2012, over 1.2 billion Ethernet connections were activated (400 million fixed and 800 million mobile) in a global market that will be worth 48 billion dollars by 2015.

As a result of this demanding accreditation process, PT Inovação has made certain that those of its clients who use this technology will be able to offer latest-generation Ethernet network services that boast multiple service classes, ease of management and interoperability with other operators.

With this certification, PT Inovação is now in a position to benefit from the high profile and significant potential that such recognition brings. It helps the company set itself apart from others in the market, through its ability to create value and offer a competitive advantage to its clients.

PT and Oi, like a number of other international companies, are already equipping their networks with this PT Inovação technology; a technology which translates into a differentiating, future-proof business and personal service offer that is supported on the latest generation optical fibre network.

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