Altice Labs strengthens connection with the Scientific and Academic System

03/07/2020     ISEC / Laboratory / University of Coimbra

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Altice Labs Laboratory at the Coimbra Institute of Engineering

Next Thursday, 2 July, an Altice Labs space will open within the Coimbra Institute of Engineering (ISEC), in continuity with other spaces that the Altice Group's Research, Innovation and Technological Development Center has been creating in other portuguese academic institutions.

These spaces are collaborative platforms for Open Innovation where, with the knowledge created in academia, real cases of the information technology industry are worked on, experimenting, validating and developing more efficient and agile solutions that support the technologies that Altice Labs exports to more than 60 countries in the world, differentiating them from the market and innovating.

In partnership with ISEC, Altice Labs now opens the AlticeLabs@ISEC collaborative laboratory, focusing on the development of cloud systems and solutions, having as one of the potential areas of applicability the area of ​​Operations Support System that encompasses applications monitoring the quality of service of networks and services and the management of resources and customers, for the emerging voice, data and video communication technologies.

The aim of this laboratory is to create a permanent collaboration point between the two entities, capable of promoting and facilitating the creation of joint academic projects, but also of RDI projects of common interest between ISEC and Altice Labs.

The laboratory has a capacity for about 20 people and started its activities in early March of this year, with the launch of 7 academic projects at the end of the course for ISEC Engineering undergraduate students. These projects include the areas of Wi-Fi network control, monitoring and alarm systems, automatic hardware test systems, customer service provisioning systems, time series data analysis systems, workflow management and analysis systems communication protocols.


Altice Labs with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects with the University of Coimbra

Continuing the collaboration protocol signed between Altice Labs and the University of Coimbra (UC) in September 2019, three joint projects in Artificial Intelligence, more specifically in Machine Learning, will be signed on the 2nd of July between the two entities and MEO, addressing:

1. Characterization of households type and their behavior
2. Modelling and mobility of places of interest
3. Knowledge extraction from historical information repositories

These projects aim to provide the best user experience for Altice's customers, whatever the service they use. The goal is to find ways to provide the greatest pleasure while using the services, positively striking experiences that return value to customers. Agility, flexibility and the most adequate offer are other characteristics that these studies are expected to bring.

Identifying barriers to the use of services, weaknesses in the technological solutions that support them, difficulties in accessing and a correct understanding of what is consumed, regardless of the means used, will be decisive in the adoption of digital methods for the use of services.

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