Altice Labs participates in a webinar with BEST@UCoimbra student association - “Just finished the course, now what?”

30/06/2020     Webinar

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"Just finished the course, now what?" was a webinar organized by Altice Labs, in partnership with Inova-Ria and BEST@UCoimbra, that took place on the 26th June at 11 am, and which was designed for all students who question themselves about the transition to the labor market, what the business environment is like and what companies expect from them.

This webinar had the participation of Gabriela Moura, responsible for Human Resources at Altice Labs, Paulo Margaça, Luís Cortesão and Ana Patrícia Monteiro from the Technology and Innovation Strategy department, Hugo Ricardo Dias from the Digital, Internet and Television department, Regina Sacchetti from Inova-Ria, Daniel Vicente, finalist in the Electrical and Computer Engineering course at the University of Coimbra and Rita Reis, Vice President of BEST@Coimbra Services.

After the opening and welcoming of Paulo Margaça, Gabriela Moura introduced Altice Labs as an employer and with a legacy of 70 years of history and which are its main markets. Gabriela Moura also addressed how Altice Labs contributes to the personal and professional development of employees.

Luis Cortesão and Hugo Ricardo Dias, in turn, spoke about their experience as former students of the University of Coimbra and what it was like to integrate the job market in a company like Altice Labs. Although they have integrated the company at very different times, they have in common a great passion for the areas in which they have been working on, both of whom pointed out that this is a company where there is the possibility to change areas and every day to have the opportunity to try new technological areas.

Ana Patrícia Monteiro spoke about the award promoted by Altice Labs, the Altice International Innovation Award (AIIA) which for the 4th time stands out again for its simultaneous connection to the Academy and startups, as well as for the total prizes attributed to its winners, offering the highest pecuniary prize in Portugal in the area of ​​technological innovation: 1st place in the startups category will receive a pecuniary prize in the amount of €50.000 and the possibility of completing a pilot (proof of concept) with the Altice Group, with a minimum duration of 9 months ; the 1st place in the Academy category will receive a cash prize of €25.000.

Regina Sacchetti, as coordinator of the GENIUS programme, explained a little about the journey of the Inova-Ria business association, and how this new talent selection programme works. The GENIUS programme is an Inova-Ria Research Scholarship programme that aims to attract, capture and retain young people with high potential and with relevant academic curriculum for R&D and Innovation activities in companies of the Inova-Ria Cluster, as is the case of Altice Labs. GENIUS scholarships provide research and technological development activities in a business environment to obtain the academic degree conferred by Portuguese universities.

Daniel Vicente, the last speaker of this webinar, shared his goals and whishes for the future, namely what he wants for his professional career, and a little of what he thinks about the job market.

After the Q&A session moderated by Paulo Margaça, this webinar ended with the intervention of Rita Reis, representative of BEST@Coimbra, an organization that welcomes many students and helps them by answering to their doubts about their professional future, promoting initiatives with several companies, thus giving students the opportunity to get in touch with the job market.

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