Altice Labs participates in Digital Conversations - "Telework Cybersecurity"

15/05/2020     Cybersecurity / Telework

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Inova-Ria, in partnership with CER-Aveiro, promoted on the 14th May, at 5 pm, the "Digital Conversations" on the theme "Telework Cybersecurity", in a live broadcasting format through Inova-Ria's social networks.

Bruno Castro from VisionWare, Luís Antes from FCUP, Nuno Seixas from Altice Labs and Pedro Castro Henriques from Strongstep were the guests in this session that was moderated by André Zúquete, professor at the University of Aveiro.

Due to the new coronavirus, COVID-19, organizations have radically changed the way they work. Companies had to adapt to a "new normal" and teleworking gained new strength.

With all these challenges, another very relevant theme has emerged, cybersecurity, since the possibility of new attacks has increased, which means that companies have to work on new ways to increase the safety of their employees, as well as the company itself and its data.

Companies and sovereign bodies started to hold their meetings using videoconferences, and for that, applications are being used from suppliers that sometimes we do not even know where they come from, whether they are national or foreign and what are their weaknesses, so how can we guarantee, for example, which confidential information is not recorded, encrypted and passed on to third parties?

For Nuno Seixas, from Altice Labs, this is a major concern, but "it is necessary to ensure that people are aware of the danger. It is certainly a general concern, but we do not follow the same strategy for all types of communications and we have several strategies available, some commercial and others managed internally, with our services, and which are used according to the type of situation, because as already said, we only have to trust third parties when we no longer have control".

Nuno Seixas, mentioned that telework was already a reality at Altice Labs, but to allow 95.9% of employees to work from home, it was necessary to increase the capacity of the virtual private network (VPN), not neglecting all the care that employees were advised to pay attention to in the practice of their work.

All the guests of the session shared the feeling that "we can only protect what we know" and there is still a lot to do in companies, it is necessary to distinguish and prevent cyberattacks, use safe communication systems and make workers aware of this daily danger, to ensure the safety of everyone and companies.

The entire session can be viewed on Inova-Ria's YouTube channel.

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