2nd Webinar - Moving Forward: What challenges after the COVID-19 pandemic? (Altice Labs and V21 - Technology Incubation Center of Viseu partnership)

04/05/2020     Webinar

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We live in exceptional times, in an unprecedented situation due to the rapid evolution of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, which worldwide has already had a major impact on the economy and society. Although there have been similar situations in the past, this is a situation for which no one was prepared for its rapid spread.

It is now clear that, more than a public health crisis on an international scale, it is a struggle for human survival where human beings must fight and be able to win this battle. Changes are already beginning to emerge that can be significant in several areas, such as, for example, technology, citizens' ethical values, consumption patterns, professional and social relationships and work organization.

It is in this new context that Altice Labs and V21 (Technology Incubation Center of Viseu) shared, on the 29th April 2020, at 11:30 am, the 2nd Moving Forward webinar on “What challenges after the COVID-19 pandemic?” with Professor and Scientist Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues, with 75 participants online to watch the various sessions shared for an hour and thirty minutes and with live transmission on social networks.

The first panel “What are the impacts and challenges of the new coronavirus for the country?” moderated by José Couto, Chairman of the Board of Vissaium XXI, had the intervention of professor Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues, known as the “father of the 1st portuguese PoSAT 1 satellite”, who talked about the history of pandemics since the black plague, the Spanish flu , the Asian flu, the Hong Kong flu and in 2002 the SARS outbreak, a severe pneumonia and how it evolved to the present day with the appearance of this new COVID-19 coronavirus. Throughout his speech he stressed how important it is to remain “hidden” from the virus, because in the past people fled to avoid social contact, and that a species is more successful the greater the capacity of its individual beings is to cooperate with each other.

In the second panel “What will society be like in the future?”, Professor Carvalho Rodrigues emphasized how important it is to have visionary beings in society, because we need someone to shows us the path that we must follow, in the new roads of time that we now have which replace the paths of terrestrial roads - the fiber optic connections - that connect us all digitally during this confinement.

Alcino Lavrador, General Manager of Altice Labs, ends this webinar by reinforcing the ideas of Professor Carvalho Rodrigues, highlighting the importance of the emergence of visionary people in the various sectors for a sustainable future of society, someone who leads the way and shows us the obstacles that we must deviate from.

The webinar featured several questions from the participants on the topic and on the various topics discussed throughout the session, and they ended up highlighting that this was a very enriching sharing moment for all those present.

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