1st Webinar - Moving Forward: 5G Impacts on Society and Economy (Altice Labs and V21 - Technology Incubation Center of Viseu partnership)

17/04/2020     5G / Webinar

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Altice Labs is a technological partner for entrepreneurship and business, economic, environmental, social and cultural innovation. The Altice Labs hub, in Viseu, intends to reinforce the cluster of information and communication technologies in Viseu, promoting new employment and training opportunities in the region. The V21- Technology Incubation Center of Viseu promotes research, development, demonstration and technological innovation and the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city - which aims to be a "Happy and Smart City" -, of the region and its connections on a national and international level.

It is in this new context that we now live in that Altice Labs and V21 intend to share a set of webinars - Moving Forward - in order to leverage the movement of digital evolution and transformation and to take advantage of the new opportunities that emerge.

On the 15th April 2020, at 11:30 am, the 1st webinar on "5G - Impacts on Society and Economy" took place, where 85 participants joined online to watch the various sessions shared for an hour, from various parts of Portugal and even from Brazil.

The webinar opened with Almeida Henriques, Mayor of Viseu, who welcomed everyone and talked a little about the 5G theme, highlighting how important it is for the country's total digital coverage. Then, Sérgio Lorga, Executive Director of Vissaium XXI, gave a brief explanation of some rules for the good functioning of the webinar.

Keynote Speaker, Francisco Fontes from Altice Labs, presented the 5G technology, namely how it evolved and how it is still emerging, and explained its opportunities and impacts in the country. He ended his intervention with the presentation of an emergency scenario (simulacrum) at Altice Labs in Aveiro using 5G technology.

The next panel "What is the role of 5G in smart cities?", moderated by Alcino Lavrador, General Manager of Altice Labs, with the intervention of Cláudia Queirós, Ericsson Portugal's 5G PreSales Lead, Arnaldo Oliveira, Professor at the University of Aveiro, Luís Cordeiro, Technical Director of OneSource and Jorge Martins, Head of Project Management Office of PDMFC, where everyone gave their views on 5G technology, namely its advantages and how it will behave in smart cities and how they can adapt. They also believe that, although the pandemic we are experiencing may hinder the evolution of 5G, it can at the same time end up being a catalyst for the functioning of 5G.

The webinar was concluded with several questions from the participants on the theme and on the various topics discussed throughout the session, and they ended up highlighting that this was a very enriching sharing moment for all those present.

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