5th Conference of the "All of Portugal" Cycle at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu

13/03/2020     All of Portugal

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"Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Centro Region decisive in the national economic impulse" was the theme of the 5th and last conference of the All of Portugal cycle. The meeting organized by Altice Portugal, Altice Labs and Jornal Económico took place on the 9th March, at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV). It was in the auditorium of IPV’s School of Technology and Management that the audience joined for yet another conference of the joint initiative, which is traveling the country, from north to south, in articulation with local authorities, with higher education establishments and local companies.

Both the President of IPV, João Sá Paiva, and the Mayor of Viseu, António Almeida Henriques, realized that Viseu is in a forgotten area of ​​the country, but still managed to attract and create an ecosystem, based on the automotive, pharmaceutical, metal-mechanic and wood industry clusters, which are found around the central city of Beira Interior.

"How can innovation be an instrument for more and better development?" This is the question raised by Alcino Lavrador and for which he hopes to find some answers and ways to reinforce it in this session. The General Manager of Altice Labs emphasized that "by bringing together academia, the media and companies in the real country, a discussion platform is created on how each, and together, can systematically contribute to the economic and social development". "The survival of different entities depends, increasingly, on the capacity for reinvention, and in some cases of mutation. For this, it is necessary to understand the trends that are driving this digital transformation, which are part of the business of the future, without ever forgetting the role of the person and humanization". These conferences also have an important role in “making the country aware of the best that is being done everywhere and in various sectors of activity", he admits.

The keynote speaker, Gualter Lopes Mirandez, president of the Viseu District Commercial Association and of the Viseu Empreendedor project, stated that "entrepreneurship should be seen as a priority goal, especially in the context of low intensity territories, in which Viseu is inserted, both for job creation and for attractiveness and fixation. Do not forget that the whole effort is only effective if it is done in a network, not only with the municipality, but also with the polytechnic and with companies."

In this 5th and last conference of the All of Portugal Cycle, "The importance of the regional press" was again under discussion, bringing together representatives from various local media. The panel "Innovation as a key part of the economic development of smart cities", moderated by Paulo Margaça from the Technology and Innovation Strategy department, included the intervention of Sérgio Lorga from Vissaium XXI, Rui Pedro Duarte from IPV, Cristina Albuquerque from SAK Project and Jorge Saraiva from Tula Labs.

"What is the impact of the digital age on the business fabric" was the last topic under discussion. Jorge Sousa from Visabeira Global, Cristina Fernandes from Labesfal and Bruno Lamelas from Tomi World participated in this panel. The closing session was attended by the President of the Viseu Marca Association, Cristina Paula Gomes.

In parallel to the conference, an Altice Labs space was on display with the demonstration of the Smart Mirror, an intelligent mirror prototype that allows gestural interaction, with personalized content for the Viseu region.

You can review this entire conference here.

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