Altice Labs celebrates its 4th anniversary

13/03/2020     Anniversary

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On the 5th March, Altice Labs celebrated its 4th anniversary, which was marked with several protocol initiatives, activities and demonstrations of R&D projects.

Altice announces decentralization of Altice Labs to Oeiras

On the day that celebrates its 4th year of activity, Altice Labs announced a new innovation hub, this time in Oeiras (Oeiras Valley).

Despite the formal announcement of a new innovation hub by Altice Labs in Oeiras, the new space will have another six months to go before it becomes a reality. With this unprecedented research and innovation project located in TagusPark (Oeiras Valley), the number of municipalities in the country to where Altice relocated Altice Labs laboratories increases to five: in addition to Aveiro, the national and international headquarters, the list also includes Madeira, Viseu, Olhão and Azores. Altice Labs laboratories are associated with a set of other initiatives with Portuguese municipalities, ranging from joint participation in research projects, through the creation of digital innovation hubs, to the creation of regional hubs, to support local economic and social development activities.

New health partnership with the Coimbra Surgical Center

At the protocol ceremony in the morning, a collaboration agreement was also signed between Altice Portugal, Altice Labs and the Coimbra Surgical Center, in order to identify initiatives and projects that contribute positively to the increase of information technologies in the health ecosystem.

The four collaboration areas already identified are: the analysis and study of technological solutions for the safe storage of health data such as images, clinical reports, among others, taking into account available infrastructures; the evaluation of backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for information related to medical records of consultations and diagnoses; the evaluation of medical information preservation solutions with scientific value; and the participation of Altice Labs in projects led by the Surgical Center to automate diagnostic processes using, among others, Artificial Intelligence mechanisms, namely Machine Learning.

Solar Keeper - boards to measure UBV radiation (Ultra-violet)

One of the projects that were under discussion in the afternoon session was the Solar Keeper, which involves placing sensors, in the shape of a surfboard, that measure UBV radiation (responsible for diseases such as skin cancer), in all portuguese beaches.

The project is being developed with the Ministry of the Environment, the Portuguese Environment Agency and the IPMA. The sensors, in addition to the measurement, include information on precautions to be taken depending on the UBV incidence, but also information on water and sand quality. In the future, these sensors are expected to cover the entire territory, which may have other applications, such as fire alerts.

Protocol signing with Turivã (SPI)

Tourism was also part of the discussions that were on the agenda, where the Altice group signed a protocol with Turivã, a company of the Portuguese Innovation Society group, which promises a technological leap in the area of ​​Ourique - Alentejo. The setting is Herdade da Torre Vã, a centenarian property that is undergoing a patrimonial rehabilitation in order to be transformed into a five-star rural hotel.

Demonstration exhibition

At the exhibition that was set up in Aveiro, on the Altice Labs campus, there were many projects on display, some of which are under development, but which may mark the creation of future services by Altice Labs, in the area of ​​smart living, industry and smart cities, already using future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things, but also Security and Privacy, as well as the development of the networks of the future, in 5G, 6G, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7.

Another highlight is the Immersive Booth project, which gives old phone booths a second life by transforming them into an interactive 360 ​​° video visualization system, without the need for a headset, glasses or similar devices. The visitor will feel transported to the control of a vehicle with a wide view of a three-dimensional scenery, coming from the vast library of videos available for virtual reality headsets.

Visit of secondary schools in Oeiras

In the afternoon, 65 students and 7 teachers from various schools in Oeiras, namely from the Sebastião e Silva Secondary School, Camilo Castelo Branco Secondary School and Aquilino Ribeiro Secondary School, got to know more about the history and some of Altice Labs’ sites and projects. The visit started with a brief presentation of the company and what they would get to know throughout the afternoon. Thus, the students were divided into four groups to visit the various laboratories and the Telecommunications Museum, where they could interact with the equipment and understand the functioning of the various technologies. All students and teachers enjoyed the visit to the laboratories, museum, facilities, in general, and appreciated the friendliness of the collaborators.

GeoLabs, EscapeLabs, GolfLabs, BoardLabs, Reconnect, Pig on a Spit… and Banda Larga

Throughout the anniversary day, various recreational activities were available to all collaborators.

From caches hidden around the city so that participants could go back to their childhood days in the style of a true treasure hunt, to explore other latitudes and get to know Aveiro and Altice Labs better, this activity, GeoLabs, was attended by 19 teams of 4 elements each. There was no lack of fun. Three of these teams were able to take the podium.

There was also the GolfLabs activity, which consisted of a mini-golf with 6 courses outside Altice Labs, in which in the morning, there was a tournament with 10 teams, of 2 elements each, where three winning teams were crowned. In the afternoon, GolfLabs continued and many were interested in trying and participating in this sport of british origin.

Currently, as we live surrounded by technology and can use it to promote team activities, several Altice Labs collaborators were invited to an "Escape Room". Escape Labs was a quick thinking challenge, where they were able to use the gray matter and let themselves be involved by the mystery that was put to them. There were 20 teams, each of 4 to 6 elements, divided between the 5th and 6th March. The first 3 teams of the 5th March were presented with a prize.

In parallel with the other activities of the anniversary, in a corner of the canteen, some board games were made available. In the morning, the curious had the opportunity to test some novelties first hand. But it was mainly in the afternoon that the space was filled, with 8 groups playing simultaneously! With games for (almost) all tastes, it was an opportunity to meet some modern classics, in a leisure and sharing experience among colleagues.

The day ended in the best way, with the birthday cake, delivery of the prizes for the activities and a memorable performance by Banda Larga that left no one indifferent, where they presented several new covers, to the delight of those present, in which some of them were chosen by Altice Labs collaborators, in the context of a survey carried out by logOUT.

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