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28/02/2020     logOUT

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Mystery Dinner - The Curse of the Count of Malt

On the 22nd January and 12th February, two Mysterious Dinners of the Curse of the Count of Malt took place, at the Solar das Estátuas in Aveiro, where 20 collaborators participated in each dinner. At the first and second dinner, it was possible to go back in time to the crazy Twenties, with mysteries and unusual puzzles to be unraveled.

From the dinner tasting, to the decoration of the space and animation, everything was surprisingly designed to create suspense, a mystery that made the experience, frighteningly fun and unforgettable for all collaborators who participated.

Comments from some of the participants:

"I really enjoyed this activity! An excellent initiative that allowed to strengthen friendship bonds between colleagues. And that makes us happier and more motivated!" - Sara Loureiro

"Fantastic experience, meeting colleagues in an unusual way… from murderers, poets and bearded housekeepers! logOUT at the forefront of companionship and spirit of help at Altice Labs."- Paulo Margaça

"I wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic night we spent yesterday. It was a super fun and very well organized activity, which allowed us to spend a very different night among colleagues, many of whom did not know each other. These types of activities create very important bonds between people. I am also grateful to logOUT for giving me the privilege of playing the role of "Count of Malt". It was a huge challenge, which I tried to fulfill in the most effective way possible to achieve the goals! I had a lot of fun doing it. A big thank you also to all the participants for all the companionship and good mood throughout the night" - Rui Cordeiro

"I just want to leave a thanks message for the initiative! It was a spectacular moment of conviviality and fun!

I thank you for today but also for all the changes that have been made for better conditions and to improve the good mood of the collaborators! It is a pride and a pleasure to be part of this company! My humble, sincere and deep thanks!" - Jaime Pereira


Zumba class

Zumba is a fitness programme inspired mainly by Latin dance, created in Colombia by choreographer Beto Pérez, in the 1990s. It includes movements of Latin dances such as samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and reggaeton, or even other styles like hip hop and belly dancing with cardiovascular training exercises, promoting physical conditioning in general.

On the 18th February, a zumba class took place outside Altice Labs in Aveiro with professor Marco Aurélio. The class lasted 45 minutes and provided a moment of relaxation and good mood among all participants.

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