Altice Labs' 1st Electric Scooter Grand Prix

08/01/2020     Electric Scooters Grand Prix / logOUT

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With 14 teams participating, a total of 56 collaborators in competition, the Altice Labs’ 1st Electric Scooter Grand Prix took place on the 3rd December.

The scooters were purchased in order to be able to be requested by collaborators to make small trips in Aveiro during working hours, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

To mark their purchase, a competition was organized to help collaborators getting used to the controls and driving of these modern technological marvels.

The race started around 10:30 am with the first round of the eighth and quarter finals. Early on, some teams showed that they were not only there to participate, but to take the prize, even if it meant to leave some skin in the company car park!

After the lunch break, the semi-finals and the final took place, where the 4 fastest teams of the morning fought for the 1st place and the respective champion prize.

In the end, the Martelo da Trovoada team (who kept their best performance for the final, also making the track record) won and were crowned as the great champions of the 1st edition of the Altice Labs’ Electric Scooter Grand Prix.

During Christmas Dinner the prizes were distributed to the 3 fastest teams:

1st Place - [SSO] - Martelo da Trovoada team (Carlos Miguel Lopes, João Pedro Morgado, Pedro Miguel Conde, Tiago Lamelas Pereira)
Prize: 50€ Meal Voucher per/ person

2nd Place - [DSR] - CalcaXtrums team (Nuno Duarte, Gil Serafim, João Carreira, David Breda)
Prize: 25€ Meal Voucher per/ person

3rd Place - [DSR] - Carga Nisso team (Diogo Saraiva, Carlos Neves, André Nunes, Rafael Valente)
Prize: Altice Labs Cups

For 2020, firmware upgrades and tuning are already topics under discussion in coffee breaks, to increase the scooters’ speed from astonishing to warp speed!

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