Altice Labs submits 9 patent applications in 2019

07/01/2020     Patents

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Protecting the results of a company's creative and innovative activity as a means of ensuring its proper and safe exploitation and desired economic return is universally accepted. Within the range of possible legal instruments, the patent as a right protecting inventions (being an invention the new technical solution found to solve a technical problem) plays a prominent role in the strategy of protecting innovative products and services developed at Altice. Thus, during 2019, Altice Labs made several protection requests in different technology and business areas, which will play a crucial role in differentiating Altice Group's Products and Services:

1. Generation of dynamic web interfaces in real time and adaptable according to user behaviors, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. This makes it possible to create adaptive and contextualized web applications, providing richer interactions, allowing interfaces to deliver information in the best way possible, with a better user experience for users.

2. Multiple client connection management system on a Mesh Wi-Fi network. Technological solution for managing Wi-Fi connections from multiple client devices by leveraging and optimizing available resources.

3. Natural Language Processing Method reducing ambiguity in intent selection by dividing the training dataset into several smaller models. It will enhance the increasing use of natural language in interaction with digital assistants.

4. Innovative “geo analytics” and “crowd analytics” algorithms to more efficiently and anonymously handle the large amount of data generated in a mobile telecommunications network related to crowd movement and behavior.

5. In an Access Network scenario, the purpose of the invention is to create a system that provides an abstraction on entities that represent user sessions so that they can be manipulated by the control plane with no need to know the details of the network.

6. Integrated solution for telecommunications services oriented to the hotel environment and supported by an hotel internal fiber optic network (GPON). It allows the convergence of all services (telephone, internet and TV/IPTV in rooms, surveillance cameras, staff intranet) into this single fiber network and offers Wi-Fi coverage throughout the hotel, ensuring high quality user experience, safety and reliability. Additionally, it reduces the complexity of installation, operation and maintenance of the entire solution due to the smaller number of equipment used and a set of algorithms internally developed by Altice Labs and covered by the patent.

7. In the context of Device Management, the system providing the communication conditions with the devices (gateways, STBs, IoT devices) must support a very high number of connections, often in scenarios where there are private networks and firewalls. The invention consists of a system and methods for an implementation that supports simultaneous communication with several million devices in a scalable and distributed manner, using the facilities provided by http/2 and SSE in an innovative way.

8. Solution that allows the Telecommunications Operator to use the customer's mobile phone (with NFC interface) as a simple and quick procedure to obtain additional information about the status of a specific network terminal that cannot be properly reached using traditional Operation and Maintenance tools. This information will be sent to the Operator via the mobile network, in a secure and confidential manner, allowing the technical teams to troubleshoot and preventing a technician from traveling to the site.

9. Method, applicable to television content playback devices which, by assessing the customer profile, namely their active subscriptions and preferences, has the ability to proactively change the A/V broadcasting.
The method can be applied, for example, to video streaming of a sporting event exclusively on a premium channel. If the customer subscribed this channel but prefers audio comment from another source (non-premium channel), the device is able to enrich the broadcast by combining the video (premium channel) and audio (customer preferred channel) streams.

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