Another edition of the Altice International Innovation Award has been concluded

13/12/2019     AIIA 2019 / Altice International Innovation Award

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SIC Notícias, through its “Imagens de Marca” tv show, followed the "D-Day" of the AIIA 2019 (Altice International Innovation Award), the 3rd edition of this initiative promoted by Altice Labs. Watch the excerpt here and listen to the comments of Alexandre Fonseca and Alcino Lavrador.

On the initiative website you can also see all the news about AIIA and the infographics related to this initiative coordinated by Altice Labs.

Taking advantage of the closing of this year's edition, and summarizing what has already been achieved with the first 3 editions, it should be noted that it all started with the PT Innovation Award that was born with the aim of reinforcing Altice Portugal's positioning in the development of innovation, creating conditions to enhance national talent and promote it both inside and outside of the country. Following the success of the first edition in 2017, it was decided to broaden its scope and extend the award to other geographies where Altice is present, and so it was renamed to Altice International Innovation Award (AIIA), covering Portugal and France.

At national level, it is distinguished from other innovation awards by its monetary prize, a total of €75.000, and by the fact that it covers two promising categories: academia and incubation startups.

At the level of partnerships, in order to increase the recognition of AIIA's finalist projectsand to boost their success, AIIA has, from its beginning, partnered with the National Innovation Agency’s Born From Knowldege (BfK) initiative which reinforces the scientific and exploratory value of the portuguese finalist projects.

In 2017, in its first edition, out of 33 applications received, the winner projects were NeuroPsyCAD (Academy category, focused on the diagnosis of Neuropsychiatric Diseases) and Mater Dynamics (Startups category, with QStamp, an intelligent sensor on a flexible substrate that allows measurement of various external variables).

In 2018, in its second edition and already with an international scope, among the 82 applications received, the projects that won were Towards 5G: Tb / s Speed ​​Telecom Payloads (academy category, consisting of a photonic processor integrated in a silicon chip for application in the new generation of telecommunications satellites) and FuelSave (startup category, focused on real-time data processing and machine learning algorithms that provide instructions, also in real time and in a format similar to that of a navigation application, to truck drivers to improve their driving and thus save up to 20% fuel).

In 2019, also with an international scope and in its third edition, the AIIA received a total of 90 applications. The winners, again both from Portugal, were in the Startups category, the iLOF. This project uses artificial intelligence algorithms, applied to big data, to enhance the success of clinical trials in neurodegenerative diseases, particularly in Alzheimer's patients, to help  reduce costs and select patients more effectively. It should be noted that this was also the winner of ANI's BfK award.

In the Academy category, the winning project was Neural Motor Behavior in Extreme Driving, which explores the cross-checking and analysis of information gathered on neurocognitive and neuromotor reactions in order to evaluate and predict human performance under extreme driving conditions, in order to draw lessons that may reinforce, among others, the evolution of autonomous driving.

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