World Usability Day at Altice Labs

22/11/2019     Usability Day

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9 months after Valentine's Day,
on the same day for diabetes awareness,
on the 14th November 2019,
in the middle of Magusto's week,
in the most romantic city of Portugal, Aveiro,
in one of the richest developing parishes, Oiã,
in the most populous city, our wonderful capital, Lisbon,
in the undefeated, vibrant, diverse and welcoming city, OPorto,
in the city of roundabouts,
also known as the best city to live, Viseu,
in the middle of the Atlantic ocean,
with tropical climates and dream landscapes in the islands, Madeira and Azores,
and also, on the other side of the continent,
in the warm cities, samba and carnival queens, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo,
in all take-a-break spaces,
we witnessed the best and most unforgettable event of the month:

Why is this unforgettable?
Experience is the key!

The goal was not only to conquer the stomachs and hearts of ALL collaborators, since ALL Altice Labs Offices participated in the commemoration of the day, (including Open Labs - Brazil), as well as to create boosting effects and little surprises!

In a morning of thunder, rain, wind and hail in Aveiro, members of the EIT4 usability team fought hard against the odds of the weather and of a small car to fetch 15 giant boxes of fresh mini “Bolas de Berlim”, that had nothing of mini in them (with many thanks to Ramos pastry for the attention and mega discount, they were delicious!). The smell of these delicious treats was felt at the entrance of the main building, and around 11 a.m. they were distributed throughout the bars of the various buildings. The collaborators were surprised and did not immediately realize the relationship between Usability Day and the “Bolas de Berlim”. The truth is that experience was the answer. We challenged all Altice Labs offices to answer a small question while delighting in the sweet: "Who is responsible for the user experience?". Is it the EIT4 team? Is it the product managers? Is it the customers? Is it the end users? Is it Dona Olivia?

Well… the answer is: #You, Me, Everyone!

Not ending here, while some collaborators rushed busy, either for meetings, or somewhere we don't know, on the passage to the other building (the bridge between Building 0 and 1) they were surprised by the colorful envelopes panel installation. Some curious and brave were peeking through some envelopes, others were strongly persuaded (and threatened) to stop to carry with them an allusive message of the day, about design, usability, user experience, famous quotes, games, unique and limited stickers, and more admirable and diverse content in a total of 200 different types.

Without more magic words, here’s a summary of the day at Altice Labs Aveiro, because a video is worth a thousand texts.

Last question: do you still remember the other activities carried out in previous years?
For those who participated for the first time and for those who are not new to this event, we hope this has become an UNFORGETTABLE experience!


Testimonials from the various Altice Labs offices:

Colleagues from Azores - Terceira Island
It was a very interesting day because it really demonstrated that we actually have very different ideas from a theme that often goes as “simple”. Given that each individual has their own definition of usability, it makes it very difficult for them to have a single attribution of responsibility, so we all came to the consensus that it will actually requires a team effort to achieve a more effective outcome.

Colleagues from Brazil - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
It was great to be able to reproduce such a relevant theme campaign at the same time as the matrix.
As feedback, the collaborators liked and interacted with the activities in a very positive way, however, as this was the first day of usability in Brazil, the desire of the participants beyond the activities was to attend some kind of lecture or training on the subject. I know that in Portugal this type of activity has been done in the past but this is my suggestion for the next event in Brazil. I hope this action is the first of many others to be shared.
Hugs, Gisele Alves

Colleagues from Lisboa
Thank you for the initiative, it was truly a team effort.
The feedback of the usability day activities was positive, the colleagues were receptive and participative, even more when there’s a little sweet treat involved. Extending the activities to all offices also seemed to be a good idea and to repeat, because it was possible to get all employees to reflect a little about what usability is and its importance.
Thank you and have a good week! P.

Colleagues from Oiã
Task executed with efficiency and satisfaction; Understand the user's perspective, always taking into account the differences of age, gender, culture, education, etc.

Colleagues from Viseu
Good afternoon,
The guys from Viseu really liked the initiative, they joined without problems. It was a moment of relaxation and great fun that helped to relax a little from the routine. They liked it so much that they even asked to repeat the coffee break in the near future.
Best regards, Mariana Magalhães

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