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23/10/2019     logOUT

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Gin Workshop

On the 2nd October, around 5 p.m., a workshop was held at Altice Labs where 90 participants made their own gin and various other products were presented while tasting the gin tonic.

In this workshop some activities took place to get to know better the ingredients that are part of this world of liqueur drinks, where different concentrates where smelled in order to find out what they would be.

All Levira Distillery products honor and convey the essence of Bairrada, with the berry grape, being specialized in the production and processing of spirits and liqueurs. Among the most emblematic products are Bagaceira Brandy, Wine Brandy and Adamus Gin, made from distilled juniper and berry grapes, and cold-pressed organic grape seed oil.

Torre do Monte da Virgem visit

The Monte da Virgem Emitter Center has a tower of 177m and is the tallest structure of its kind in Portugal.

Its construction began in 1993. The first TV broadcast on this tower took place in February 1995.

The Digital Terrestrial Television signal (at this stage with the 4 generalist television channels: RTP1, RTP2, SIC and TVI, and also with RTP3, RTP Memory and ARTV) is broadcasted here.

It is also a point of great importance in terms of hertzian connections, either from Altice's core network or from circuits to different telecommunications operators.

It is also a reception point for signals from the regional delegations of television operators in the northern area of the country.

This facility also houses the communications systems of various entities. The tower is located at 208 m altitude and the visitor's room is 104 m from the ground.

On the 4th October, around 2 p.m., 20 collaborators from Altice Labs had the opportunity to see the inside of this tower. On this day there was a presentation by Altice's colleague Jorge Garcia on all the main points of this tower, which was followed by a visit to one of the highest parts of the tower where everyone enjoyed the apotheotic view over the city of Porto.

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