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22/10/2019     TGIF

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The TGIF, "Thank God It's Friday!", sessions at Future Labs are getting more and more participants, piquing the interest of many colleagues who, on Friday afternoons, are looking to learn more about topics that are current and useful on a personal and professional point of view.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

On the 4th October, a TGIF was held with "Photovoltaic Solar Panels" as main theme and as always, was open to the entire Altice Labs community.

The session was organized by Mário Souto, who made a presentation on his experience in this area, showing the solution he created for self-production of electricity from photovoltaic panels. It was certainly a great sharing experience of these technologies, ending with lively conversations on the topic among those present in this session.

GO Programming Language

"GO Programming Language" was the theme that drew several participants to a new TGIF session, which took place on the 11th October.

This session was organized by members of the Emerging Technologies and Prototyping area of ​​the Innovation and Technology Strategy department, together with collaborators of the Withus partner company. An analysis of the pros and cons of this programming language was made, comparing it with other languages ​​already used in the solutions development, and later some programming examples were also explained. As in previous TGIFs there was an active participation of those present.

The TGIF, quite informal sessions, always revolve around a main theme (which any collaborator can suggest), and in the course of the session it may evolve to other themes that the participants may consider interesting and pertinent.

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