Golf lesson at Montebelo Golf

26/09/2019     logOUT / Golf

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Only ten minutes away from Viseu, in a landscape surrounded by the Caramulo and Estrela mountains, Montebelo Golf is the only 27-hole course in Central Portugal, combining great natural beauty with the singularity of the course.

On the 21st September, in a specific class for Altice Labs, 12 collaborators were introduced to this sport to learn some of the golfing techniques in an informal and fun environment.

Despite the rainy Saturday, it was a rewarding experience that continued over lunch at a local restaurant with regional food.

Below, comments from some of the participants:

"It was an activity that exceeded my initial expectations, providing good moments of interaction and good mood with the other colleagues. As something new to most participants, it aroused greater curiosity and interest. These activities that are different from what we’re used to are always welcome, as it allows us to know other realities. Congratulations to all for the initiative." - Ricardo da Silva Auxiliar

"I really enjoyed the experience. I had never done anything related to this activity, and although we didn't make a hole in the golf course from the beginning to the green (which, obviously, for those who have no experience would be asking a lot), it was quite complete! The teacher was always very assertive explaining the technique associated with sport. It's something I will repeat again!" - Miguel Matos

"I have to say it was an amazing experience, and in addition to everything we learned about the sport itself, it opened the door to communication with colleagues we didn't know. Thanks in advance for the excellent initiative!" - Pedro José Cangueiro Silva

"Very interesting experience, I had never played and besides the sport itself, I also enjoyed the interaction with all the people present! Congratulations on the organization." - André Alves

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