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17/06/2019     Altice Labs Viseu / Logout

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Did you know that Altice Labs has an office in Viseu and the main focus of it is the development of Internet of Thing solutions, from small sensors to the cloud software that controls IoT? If you want to know more about Altice Labs at Viseu, see this video.

In order to find out what is being done at this office and to bring the company closer to the employees, Altice Labs@Viseu had a series of different activities during the working day, with the support of the Logout team.

The day began with a brief presentation of each employee to allow a moment of networking and sharing among all. It was followed by a Logout activity, workplace exercise for 30 minutes, which worked as an active and relaxed break for all the employees.

After the warm-up, the conditions for a brief brainstorming session were met in order to understand what the needs for the center open spaces are, so that the facilities can be more complete and more pleasant for their employees.

Then followed a short lunch to gather energy for the Logout activity in the afternoon. Thus, this began and ended in the best way with a tour of the historic center of Viseu, with the support of the Municipality of Viseu, where gave to know a little of the history of the city and to understand what the customs and traditions of the city that is entitled the "best city to live". We passed through gardens, streets, monuments and the city's history museum, where we can better understand the history of the 2500 years of the well-known city by garden city.

After the farewell of these activities, colleagues at Altice Labs@Viseu, wanted to pass some testimonies about the visit, expressing their opinion:

  • "I send this email to thank the activities carried out yesterday at Altice Labs@Viseu. They made us spend a different day and this was quite important as it helped us all to know even better the city we work in. They have also helped us to relax a little from our daily life which is good, as we return to our routine with more enthusiasm and with renewed energies. Although we are not in Aveiro, today we felt integrated with the accomplishment of activities in Viseu. "
  • "I want to thank the activities of yesterday, because they were all very interesting. It was a different day of work and we got to know more about the history of the city we work! 
    It was also good, because even though we are not in Aveiro, activities are also happenning in Viseu. We are waiting for a next visit. "
  • "Yesterday, LogOUT day was really good! Loved the workplace exercise session and the tour of Viseu. When are you going back to Viseu? Everyone enjoyed it! "

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