Altice Labs participates in Demo Day - StartUp Braga

12/06/2019     Startup Braga

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Altice Labs, at the invitation of Startup Braga, was present at the Demo Day of the 6th Startup Braga acceleration programme, which took place in Braga on the 23rd May.

Altice Labs was represented in Demo Day by ENTER's open innovation programme team and the Digital, Internet and Television (DIT) department team.

Of the startups present, the special highlight goes to Safecloud, Nevaro and Izirepair. The ENTER team had the opportunity to follow Safecloud and Nevaro from the start of the acceleration programme by conducting several exploratory meetings with the Technology and Innovation Strategy and Digital, Internet and Television teams of Altice Labs. The Izirepair startup has been followed by the ENTER team since the beginning of its partnership with SAPO portal.

In the Demo Day period reserved for startup solutions demonstration, Telma Mota from DIT had the opportunity to try the prototype presented by Nevaro and to evaluate the potential for complementarity with Altice Labs’ SmartAL solution.

The startups present on Demo Day were:

- SafeCloud: software development applied to data flow security in Cloud environment.

- Biofabics: an organ-on-chip device that allows you to create and test biological replicas of human tissues and organs.

- Nevaro: innovative and efficient tool for neurobiological therapies which combines Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and neurosciences.

- SIIP: simplifies and accelerates criminal investigation and justice, reducing time and error.

- GoPaddler: an app that allows coaches to gain access to quality performance data from their athletes during and after each session.

- Taikai: an open innovation platform that allows companies (or groups of companies) to promote their innovation challenges and offer awards.

- Premium Label: online retailer of luxury cars, which allows stores to sell their units through a single platform.

- Izirepair: a car maintenance Marketplace, which allows customers to get instant quotes on services for their cars.

- OscarApp: an app that lets you call a worker anytime, anywhere. Based on algorithms of distance, time and quality, the app selects the best professional to solve the problem.

- Git /Scale: revolutionary code analysis platform that adds an economic incentive to open source projects, rewarding its programmers based on the merit of their code contribution.

Some photographs of the event can be seen on the Startup Braga Facebook page.

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