PT Inovação once again the Best Company of the Year

20/11/2012     AWARD / COMPANY

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news image Portugal Telecom Inovação was once again awarded with the prize for Best Company of the Year in telecommunications by the publication Exame, consolidating a unique position in the Portuguese corporate landscape.

According to the prestigious Magazine of Impresa Group, PT Inovação's victory was based on high performance in all indicators observed by the team of experts who reviewed the 500 biggest and best national companies.

Since the year 2000, this is the fifth time that the technological company of Group PT receives this award.

In a brief interview with Alcino Lavrador, the PT Inovação's CEO stated that two of the company’s main goals are "research and development and exploratory innovation in technology," in search of new services and new business opportunities.

"Innovation is, more than ever, a key differentiator in the telecommunications world, where voice has long lost its relevance and data is the major source of revenue," he noted.

In this interview, the CEO said that the company “will continue to grow, despite of the country and Europe's difficult situation” and recalls that PT Inovação “has products in 25 countries” and has been making an effort to diversify its range of clients and markets.

For Alcino Lavrador, one of the company’s main challenges for the next years will be the M2M communications (Machine-to-Machine): “There is a study that estimates that in 2020 there will be 50 billion more devices connected worldwide. It makes about 7 devices per person” that according to him strengthens the opportunities opening up in what is commonly called the internet of things.

In the ranking of the six Best Companies of the Year in telecommunications, PT Inovação leads the pack ahead of Vodafone Portugal (2nd place), TMN (3rd place), Optimus (4th place), Zon TV Cabo (5th place) and Artis BE (6th place).

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