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03/06/2019     logOUT

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Body Attack Class

Body Attack is a cardiorespiratory training inspired by sports training that increases strength and endurance.

This high intensity interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stability exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone to achieve their fitness goals! So it was on the 15th May, at 5:00 p.m., at the Altice Labs facilities where a Body Attack class was held, sponsored by Fitness Hut Gymnasium, which had approximately 40 athletes, in an atmosphere of fun, team spirit and resistance.


Tour in Aveiro

On the 22nd May, at 3:30 p.m., a group of 20 collaborators from Altice Labs had a guided tour of some of the most emblematic monuments of the city of Aveiro, in the historic center.

Next, a visit to The Salt Ecomuseum where the artisanal methods of salt production, the landscape, the fauna and flora characteristics were seen, as well as keeping alive the experiences and traditions linked to this secular activity.

The group went on a visit to the Casa Maria da Apresentação for a Workshop and Tasting of Ovos Moles where the story of one of the ex-libris of the city, considered almost as a religion,  was told. And it's really about religion, because this, like most traditional sweets, it has a conventual origin. You can see the story here.

This event ended with a Moliceiro Tour, a type of boat that is one of the emblems of Ria de Aveiro, in the shape of a half moon, it has mast and rudder of large dimensions. These boats were destined to the harvesting and transportation of moliço (Legend of the Moliceiro Boat). One of the characteristics of these boats is their richness in decorative terms, ranging from the popular to the satirical, from the religious to the naughty, as well as the presence of a legend, words of unique character and full of grace.

Bellow some of the participants' opinions:

Tatiana Fonseca

I really enjoyed the tour, I have been living in Aveiro for 10 years and didn’t really know our city.
In addition to what we’ve learned (about Aveiro and the salt mines), I really enjoyed socializing with colleagues with whom we normally don’t have contact.
I was curious about the possible visit that our tour guide suggested and I hope to participate!
Thank you for organizing these events, they are extremely important to promote communication between collaborators!

Pedro José Cangueiro Silva

In my opinion it was a very pleasant experience, especially because it took place outdoors and without cars!
It was my first experience of this kind as a collaborator of this company and I only have good things to point out. Despite being born and raised in Aveiro I learned things that were fundamental for the implementation of this city which I did not even imagine had happened the way it was explained.
I take this opportunity to thank the organization! 5 stars day!

Paula Barreto

5 star event/tour, despite being from the city, I learned about history subjects that I did not know and colleagues who I had never seen either.
In my opinion there should be more of these events (outside of Altice Labs), to get out a bit of our "burrow" and get to know each other better.

Carlos Pinho

Excellent event with diversified visit points.
Having guides that explain the history of each point is a great advantage.
Now, the only thing left is to get to know the other part of the city (Glória).

The video of this tour can be seen here.

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