Portugal Inteiro kicks off in Faro

30/05/2019     Portugal Inteiro

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The proximity concept, which is so characteristic of Altice Portugal's strategy, is reflected in the Portugal Inteiro Conferences Cycle that count on the organization and participation of Altice Labs. In fact, the initiative is the fulfillment of a promise made in October 2018, in the context of the Altex Portugal ComEx tour in the country’s south, through a protocol formalized at the University of the Algarve (UAlg), recalled the Executive President of Altice Portugal.

It is exactly at the University of the Algarve, more precisely in the Campus of Penha, that starts the first of a total of five conferences that will happen across the country from north to south. "These conferences will  show the best that is being done in various sectors of activity throughout the whole country and, obviously, in Algarve we chose Tourism because it is one of the main activities of the region", explains Alexandre Fonseca.

The Conferences Cycle, which counts on the support of different regional businesses and  mayors, aims to "understand how Altice Portugal, as the biggest investor of innovation in the country, the Jornal Económico, which has stood out as one of the mainstream media in the economic field, the universities and companies can contribute in a systematic way to economic development", said the CEO.

The idea is to discuss major current themes, decentralizing the discussion, says Filipe Alves, director of Jornal Económico. "Let's get out of Lisbon and Porto, and let's talk to the real country, talk to the businessmen, the academy, the local people and, above all, talk to those who create wealth and innovate."

As "innovation and digital transformation are new competencies, with allocated human and financial resources, tourism also started to have a community dedicated to better articulate with the sector", says Rogério Bacalhau, Mayor of Faro. This is how "new strategic tourism products are guaranteed for touristic activity promotion in the county, with an integrated socio-cultural development perspective."

Digital transformation, ethics and exemption, dependence on funding sources, sector sustainability, external pressures, the role of local municipalities in supporting regional journalism, and the role of the entrepreneur versus the role of journalist. These were the issues that prompted heated debate between those responsible of various regional media in the panel devoted to the theme.

The Academy's value perspective was not forgotten at this first "Portugal Inteiro" conference. In this panel, successful cases of projects that have contributed to the tourism industry were presented. On stage, there was Hugo Barros, who spoke about the Algarve/Algarve STP Technological Center and Mário Saleiro, who introduced SANDWORX.

To close the session, the theme "Business and Digitization" was discussed, with the exposure  of several projects that are a case study. João Bastos from Sun Concept, Pedro Alves from Omnibees and Sérgio Silva from EasySensing were invited to the discussion and showed their innovative projects.

Parallel to the conference, there was a space dedicated to Altice Labs where it was possible to see a demonstration of the Smart Mirror, an intelligent mirror prototype that allows gesture interaction with personalized content for the Algarve region. In addition to this, the Altice Innovation Award 2019 was also promoted, whose application period is running until the end of June 2019.

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