Altice Labs receives visits from two secondary schools

14/05/2019     Study visit

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Altice Labs receives 50 students from Maia Secondary School

On the 2nd May, Altice Labs received 50 students from the Computer Systems Management and Programming Technician Professional Course of the 10th and 11th grades of Maia Secondary School for a visit where they got to know more about a leading company in the technologies world.

This visit began in the RDI Laboratory, with a brief presentation of the company made by Ricardo Ferreira. The group was then divided in four to visit the Optical Laboratory, the SmartAL project, the Climatic Testing Laboratory and Prototype Development Laboratory, passing through the past and future of the company, at the Museum and Future Labs.

This was a much appreciated visit by students and teachers, showing great curiosity, interacting with those who were presenting the work that is done in the company in the various technological areas.

Paulo Rodrigues, a student of the 11th grade of the Computer Systems Management and Programming Technician Professional Course, was very pleased to see how well the visitors are welcomed in the company and one day he would like to work at Altice Labs. For Bruno Daniel, what he liked best was to see the software produced here. Martim thinks that with this visit they have acquired new skills and knowledge about robotics and it will open new horizons in programming.

The teacher Helena said at the end of the visit that she loved it and ensured that the students were able to see the application of the programmatic contents to practical and business life and this brings them closer to the reality of what their lives will be like.


Altice Labs receives 50 students from Madeira Torres Secondary School

On the 9th May, Altice Labs welcomed a group of 50 students from the secondary professional courses of Computer Equipment Management Technician, Computer Programmer and Electronics Technician, Automation and Computers, of Torres Vedras, who had the opportunity to see some of the company’s most emblematic places and projects.

This visit began with a brief presentation by Paulo Margaça, where the history of the company, along the telecommunications evolution in the country and the world in the last 70 years, the products developed by Altice Labs and what characterizes and distinguishes the company, were some of the addressed themes. The group was then divided into four for a campus guided tour in order to get to know important milestones and the latest developments in products and solutions.

The students were always interacting and expressing interest in what was being presented to them and also revealed the desire to, one day, be part of Altice Labs, giving testimonies like "I really enjoyed seeing all the technologies, projects, equipment tests, innovation in the various areas ... one day I would like to work here".

As for teachers, it was also a great honor to visit the company’s facilities, also expressing an interest in returning. "We found it excellent, everything was covered, from digital systems to electronics, data communication, the integrated circuits part, certification, all these areas that students learn in class and in which it is important for them to have a practical vision of these concepts".

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