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17/04/2019     logOUT

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Healthy Lunch Boxes Workshop

Taking the home meal is a very important step in starting to improve eating habits. Lunch boxes are not only a fad, besides being practical and cheaper, they also allow a healthier, more diversified and balanced diet.

On the 4th April, in the amphitheater of Altice Labs, a lecture was held on the theme "Healthy Lunch Boxes". This event lasting 1h30m was assured by the Nutritionist Dr. Sara Fernandes from NutriSabores.

In this lecture, about 80 people got to know some healthy ideas for their lunch boxes, as well the best way to transport them, and other useful information on this topic.

At the end of the presentation there was time for questions and answers, showing that this is a theme of great interest to all participants.

Vagos Traditional Folar Workshop and Handmade Cocoa Almonds

With Easter coming, Altice Labs could not miss this special occasion without offering a demonstration of the Vagos Traditional Folar and Handmade Cocoa Almonds, with tasting included, at the Altice Labs restaurant, on the 9th April, at 4:30 p.m.

To show all these delicacies, there was Filomena Grave, better known as "Mena", a native of Lavandeira, Vagos, woman of 7 crafts, who in the kitchen transforms everything that she touches into unique experiences.

In this event, the participants learned how to make the folar dough, they rolled out their own folar dough that was prepared to be taken to the oven. While the folares were baking in the oven, Filomena also showed how to make handmade cocoa almonds. In the end, everyone took their folar and a wonderful cartridge of almonds.

Workplace Exercise

The Compensatory Workplace Exercise is a form of physical activity performed during working hours and that takes place in the workplace, with the purpose of compensating the muscles worked during the work period.

It is an activity that has a short duration, between 15 and 30 minutes, functioning as an active break, not causing physical fatigue, nor perspiration, and therefore no specific equipment is required.

So, on the 10th April, at 10:45 a.m., a class with a duration of 30 minutes was held at Altice Labs, led by João Pedro Martins, from the Tribo company.

More than 50 employees joined this initiative, by doing stretching exercises inside the room and going outside for games with concentration exercises, attention, dexterity, accompanied with lots of team spirit and fun.

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