63º Tech Day – New approaches to testing in the development and production of systems

09/04/2014     Tech Day / Software Quality

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The 63º Tech Day, entitled “New approaches to testing in the development and production of systems” was held on 19th of March and had the collaboration of several areas of PT Inovação e Sistemas.

In this Tech Day, the focus was  on software quality and the procedures and processes that are being used to ensure quality products and solutions.

In the first part of the event, the focus was on System Development Process (SDP) where Mário Moreira made a deep dive on the theme and presented all work perform. In a more technical perspective, Sergio Freire presented the research work developed under the subject with resulted in changing processes and development integration with the purpose of facilitating test management in technological developments. This presentation was also included a demonstration of the tool and a Q&A moment.

The second part was dedicated to exploring two different needs: the first related to hardware tests, and the second more related with software tests automation.

Pedro Luis, who addressed issues related to hardware tests , enriched his presentation with videos in which was summarized much of the work developed under this subject, as well as difficulties and methodologies.

Luis Mendespresented the automation of software testing framework and  reflected on the gains attained with the quality of software products and solutions developed by PT Inovação e Sistemas.

Note that this event had a full house given the interest aroused in the technological issue that was addressed.

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