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25/09/2013     JUMPin / crowdsourcing

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The crowdsourcing concept meets the tasks’ opportunity and distribution for a number of people, enabling the access to collective and collaborative knowledge. Among the different reasons that lead PT Inovação to choosing a crowd sourcing tool, it must be made known the access to external knowledge (new perspectives and different ways of thinking), the realization of activities for which there is no internal availability and the value identification and assessment in the external community.

These are some of the reasons that encourage the industry, in a general way, to join this type of projects. These are, for example, Innocentive, Amazon, Ideo, among others.

In a market of technological knowledge with increasingly blurred boarders, and highly punctuated by the collective power and by the transfer of knowledge, JUMPin ( emerges as a wide open door to the outside, with real challenges that PT Inovação deals with, in its every day work, and with a medium term applicability prospect, which are mapped directly on the internal work fields.

With JUMPin, PT Inovação intends to open doors to new ways of thinking and creating, as well as identifying and promoting the recruitment of new collaborators and partners.

Challenges that can be solved by the community are made available. These challenges are based on internal and real problems and/or needs, which may be streamlined by people outside the company. The posted challenges’ scope is framed in PT Inovação’s areas of expertise.

Each challenge has a response deadline. When this period has come to an end, the answers are evaluated and the challenge winner is announced. The winner gets a prepaid card (Visa) with the value defined in the challenge. Furthermore the participants are able to show their value and obtain acknowledgment through this portal.

The creativity factor takes up, in JUMPin, an important role. The creativity and determination often cause the distance against the competition and. These are fostered in JUMPin, not only in the responses to the posted challenges, but also in a channel where ideas and working intentions (with PT Inovação) may be submitted. These will later have a customized treatment.

JUMPin already has published challenges. The first winner was announced on the July 1st. this intends to be more than a working tool for PT Inovação, enabling the collective creation and the rapprochement of the community around a telecommunication’s history which lasts for over 60 years, in Aveiro. 

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