PT Inovação interviewed for the FTTH Council Europe

12/06/2013     OPTICAL FIBER / FTTH

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PT Inovação's CEO, Alcino Lavrador, was interviewed about the optical fiber's access to the home (FTTH — Fiber To The Home) on the past May 22nd.

In this interview, Alcino Lavrador talks about the evolution of the optical fiber's access to the home in Portugal, in comparison with other European countries, namely about the reasons that lead Portugal into being in a top position when considering the number of houses in which the fiber has been installed and the service adoption, very much driven by PT Inovação''s enthusiasm.

He further explains what other countries and operators may learn from the Portuguese case and the pioneer strategy of effective convergence in the company.

PT Inovação's CEO still identifies the factors which lead the consumers into joining the service and the change in telecommunications' consumption patterns which demand a future proof bandwidth and network, only accessible through fiber to the home. The digitalization, mobility and virtualization are the three main trends transforming the society we live in, in the way we work and socialize. At the same time, it causes the information spread as never seen before, which has to be exchanged and shared, leading to the need for fast access (and very high) bandwidth, only possible with fiber.

Alcino Lavrador was questioned on the innovative services and applications, developed in PT Inovação, having outlined the partners and academy's ecosystem as crucial, in an open innovation's scenario, for the continuous development of new and better products.

The interview was concluded with a question about the role the FTTH networks may have, in order to help Portugal get out of the crisis. Alcino Lavrador explained that the connected society produces new corporate and personal business opportunities, speeding up the recover process and, when the economic recession is over, each industrial unit in Portugal will be grateful to have a modern network at its disposal, prepared for the future challenges, which connects it to any partner, client or supplier, anywhere in the world.

You can view the hole interview here!

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