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Altice Labs in autonomous driving

19/02/2021     5G / Autonomous Driving / 5G-AUTO

5G-based autonomous driving technology to support communication between vehicles and communication between vehicles and road infrastructures will improve the experience in people transportation, with an emphasis on truly autonomous driving, increased safety, traffic efficiency and better entertainment, thus opening up a wide range of business opportunities for car manufacturers, mobile communications operators, road infrastructure operators, technology companies and service providers

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Chatting with Walter de Angelis - Seek and Destroy

19/02/2021     logOUT / Cybersecurity / Conversation

Seek and Destroy was the topic for a conversation with Walter De Angelis, Systems Engineer at Palo Alto Networks and specialist in cybersecurity

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Tailor-made innovative solutions

Solutions that help your business

Open your network to the future

PON solutions are scalable and flexible best of breed xPON platforms and equipments.

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Smart Mesh Wifi
Wi-Fi Enhanced Everywhere

Smart Mesh Wi-Fi is a certified solution that creates a clear and powerful Wi-Fi signal for any and all environments, in interior coverage scenarios.

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Teach your bot everything you want

Easily create your bots and teach them with no programming knowledge needed.

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