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Altice International Innovation Award

Altice International Innovation Award intends to promote and recognize the entrepreneurship and technological talent as well as to promote Altice as a brand that contributes to the development and competitiveness of the markets were it works.

If you run a startup or if you are a Master or Ph.D. Student, submit your project until September 23 and get the chance to win a prize money of up to €65.000!

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BOTSchool at Taguspark

21/09/2021     BOTSchool / Digital Assistant / Taguspark

BOTSchool, a service of Altice Labs, is supporting a Digital Receptionist solution using a MUPI at Taguspark - Knowledge City

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Discovering Ria de Aveiro with Paddle and Kayak

21/09/2021     logOUT / Paddle / Kayak / Ria de Aveiro

On the 9th of September, 13 adventurous employees joined logOUT and headed to Costa Nova to discover a fantastic sport: Stand Up Paddle (or SUP)

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Tailor-made innovative solutions

Solutions that help your business

Open your network to the future

PON solutions are scalable and flexible best of breed xPON platforms and equipments.

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Smart Mesh Wifi
Wi-Fi Enhanced Everywhere

Smart Mesh Wi-Fi is a certified solution that creates a clear and powerful Wi-Fi signal for any and all environments, in interior coverage scenarios.

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Teach your bot everything you want

Easily create your bots and teach them with no programming knowledge needed.

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