For a group like Altice, which has a very clear investment strategy in Telecom and Media, a technological publication such as InnovAction, is particularly relevant, firstly as a vehicle to share the most relevant technologic developments and knowledge throughout the group’s operations all over the world and, secondly, as a way to reinforce Altice’s firm commitment to technological innovation and the future.

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All the telecommunications players have now realised the importance of metamorphosing into a digital service provider if they ever aspire to excel in this new digital era, where not only the customers but also the experience provided to them should be the focus.

The (digital) transformation

The (digital) transformation

In this digital era, populated by the digital natives, telecommunication and media industries have been facing major disruptive and unpredictable forces, having to rapidly adapt and rethink their strategies while still delivering top quality service to their clients and value to all stakeholders. The real market battle today is not with the traditional players but with the global players, like the so-called GAFA.
To win this battle, to be the fastest in this race, CSPs need to transform themselves into DSPs – digital service providers – fuelled by data, by offering true digital services, with a unique, outstanding and differentiated customer experience that promotes the same feelings, the same pleasure despite being bought online or offline.
The needed transformation must address several dimensions along the journey to become an agile company, to compete in the digital arena and to lead in customer experience and digital services. This edition of the InnovAction addresses these dimensions and proposes some strategies for those seeking to succeed in this aggressive but quite exciting times and full of opportunities.

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