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Delivering key telecommunications technologies since 1950, Altice Labs has been shaping the future of technology, enabling Communications Service Providers and Enterprises to offer advanced and differentiated services to their customers and users.

Altice Labs is an innovation and transformation catalyst supported on a strong and dynamic Innovation Ecosystem. Through technology, we are committed to improve people’s lives and the way in which companies do business.

Our Values: Creativity and Innovation, Excellence, Commitment, To Know and To Do, Team Spirit

We are a solid team of Telco experts and IS researchers

Our leadership

  • Alcino Lavrador

    "Altice Labs has a valuable heritage enriched since 1950 anticipating the future of telecommunications, sustained on the creativity passed down from generation to generation of employees, transforming knowledge into value for society".

    Alcino Lavrador / General Manager

Lead the development of new ICT solutions and technologies

A look at Altice Labs

Our history is linked to the evolution of the portuguese telecommunications sector

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Our History: We are a modern company whose credibility is based upon 65 years of technological experience in telecommunications

Our History

Altice Labs is a modern company whose credibility is based upon 65 years of technological experience in telecommunications.

  • Automatic switching: Portugal becomes the first country with a fully automate telephone network

  • MIC 30: Full digitalization of the transmission network

  • Broadband: First Broadband ATM connection (Aveiro – Madrid)

  • MIMO: First cellular prepaid service in the world

  • Passive Optical Network in Aveiro (FIRST)

  • "Engineering Award" by INESC

  • I9 Mobile Portal: First live TV commercial service over GPRS

  • picoDSLAM: Portugal becomes the 4th country in world with full Broadband coverage

  • EMILOx16 ATM over SDH for TMN’s 3G Mobile Backhaul

  • MEO: Innovative interactive TV service

  • "Company of the Year" by Exame Magazine

  • "Telecom Company of the Year" by Exame Magazine

  • "Innovation Award 2006" with PicoDSLAM by Exame Informática Magazine

  • "eLearning Brasil"

  • GPON: First interoperable ONT

  • ACM: Real-time one-to-one contextual campaign execution

  • ABC: Advanced Business Communications

  • M2M: Machine-to-machine services and communications

  • MEO GO!: My TV on the go

  • NG-PON2 field tests at US Tier 1 Operator

  • "eLearning Brasil"

  • "ONT Certification" by BBF MEF

  • "Best Internship Program", IEL, Bahia Fórum de Estágio da Bahia

  • "INVENTA.COM: Future and Communications", by INPI/CGD

  • "Innovation Product Award COTEC"

  • "TM Forum Frameworx 12 Conformance Certification", by TM Forum

  • "Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification", by CE2.0 MEF

  • "App Stevie Award", with MEO Go

  • "Product of the Year 2015", with MEO Go

R&D is part of our DNA

Research & Development

Research, Development and Innovation are part of our DNA.

We continuously engage in collaborative projects as part of our sustained technological leadership strategy. To this end, we play an active role in the Innovation Ecosystem, working in partnership with world class universities, R&D Institutions, manufacturers and startups.

Exploratory innovation activities are set around strategic themes, namely: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud technologies (computing and networking), Smart Living, Internet of Things, Big Data, Secutiry & Privacy, Digital Services & Platforms, 5G and Future Networks, including the Evolutionary Optical Framework.

We transform the acquired knowledge into technological innovation to create differentiation in the markets and value for all stakeholders.

Cloud, SDN, NFV, Internet fo Things, Smart Living, Smart Objects, Big Data Analytics, Security & Privacy, Digital Services & Platforms, 5G and Future Networks, Evolutionary Optical Framework, Security & Privacy, Digital Services Platforms

We are recognized as a superior technological partner


Aiming to deliver our clients high quality solutions, on time and on budget, we believe that quality grants us leverage on an extremely competitive market.

We rely on the commitment and collaboration of all those who, direct or indirectly, contribute to our results, making us a successful company.

See also our Integrated Quality, Innovation, Environment, Health and Safety Policy.

Other informations - Single registration and tax identification: 504705610 / Aveiro CRC / Social capital: € 200.000,00.

High quality solutions

Apcer, PMI, ITIL

We are recognized by our customers

Customer testimonials


"Skyband, Malawi’s leading Internet Service Provider takes great pride in providing its customers with the best available services. These services require us to have a well skilled and knowledgeable staff as well as state of the art equipment and a team of highly experienced professionals capable of assisting us with the roll out our FTTH network. From a large number of possible suppliers, we decided to select Altice Labs to provide us with the required equipment. They have not only supplied us with all our GPON active equipment as did they also provide us with roll out assistance and on the job training. Now that the first phase of our FTTH deployment has been completed, we are able to confirm that selecting Altice Labs as our technology provider partner has proved to be the correct decision."

David Pinto, Managing Director, Skyband
SFR Caraibe / Outremer Telecom

“The mobile network auditing and optimization service, provided by PLANCEL, directly translated into an improvement of 29% on LTE average downlink user throughput and into an increase of 24% on the daily traffic volume processed on the LTE network, without the necessity of any additional network investment.”

Grégory Burlinchon, SFR Caraibe / Outremer Telecom
Altice Dominicana

“The consulting services of PLANCEL, focused on network auditing, troubleshooting and optimization, allowed Altice Dominicana to achieve a reduction of 25% on the Call Setup Time and, particularly, a reduction of 30% on the Call Setup Time for CSFB (Circuit Switched Fallback) procedure, which translated in a significant improvement on customers QoS/QoE perception.”

Elias Cruz, Altice Dominicana
Timor Telecom

“Following the network and systems changes that Timor Telecom has undertaken in recent months, Altice Labs’ radio planning and optimization team had a decisive, high impact intervention in solving problems (...). Thus, I believe it is important to highlight the excellent work of the team, which made an enormous contribution to the services’ evolution and to improve the quality of service of Timor Telecom network.”

Filipe Cabral, Head of Wholesale and Roaming Operations Timor Telecom