Smart Cities Tour 2019: Setúbal discusses the Inclusive City theme

08/04/2019     Smart Cities Tour / Inclusive City

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Altice Labs and Altice Portugal continue to promote the discussion on smart cities, together with the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and NOVA Cidade. "Inclusive City" was the motto of the workshop that took place on the 28th March and was hosted in Setúbal.

For Altice Portugal, which is part of a group with an international dimension and in contact with very different realities, "inclusion is a first-line theme", says Paulo Pereira, from Altice Labs, during his speech on Shaping tomorrow: collaborative data driving inclusive (r) cities.

As for Altice Labs, one only needs to look at its history to understand the role that it has had "to try to overcome some of the inclusion challenges of our country". As an example, the commitment on infrastructures, the communications development and the creation of solutions, such as Telemedicina, or people remote monitoring applications.

"We have a very clear approach to the cities issue, which involves the ability to have a powerful infrastructure", but that goes far beyond just having a network in the territory. "We are building, implementing technologies, ensuring that we are able to relate to local realities, as we have done in the past". And in this way ensure the collection of important data and provide information to those who develop applications, for example.

At the technology fair, PT Empresas and Altice Labs solutions that meet the challenges of an Inclusive City were presented. In the exhibition space, products and services marketed through the PT Empresas brand, namely the Telemedicine and SmartAL (Smart Assisted Living) health solutions and the People Safety solution, were in demonstration.

In this stand, the City Governance Center, developed by Altice Labs, was also demonstrated, which allows the information aggregation, in a portal, of the city’s various functional domains, such as waste management, citizen participation and occurrence reporting, as explained by Filipe Pinto, from ​​Altice Labs’ Exploratory Innovation Projects department.

Economy and Technological Innovation, Soft Mobility, City as Platform, Circular City and Inclusive City were the themes that gave name to the workshops which involved the cities of Aveiro, Lisbon, Vila Real and Setúbal. The Smart Cities Tour 2019 will continue to Ponta Delgada, where the Climate Changes theme will be at the center of the discussion.

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