Workshop in the project Scoping phase: OCS Supply for OMT

03/04/2019     NGIN PCC / OMT / Outremer Telecom

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A team from Altice Labs’ Networks and Platforms Services department (SRP), celebrated with the Outremer Telecom (OMT) customer, the OCS project’s Scoping workshop milestone, after a joint work period, which took place from 11th to 23th March, on the Martinique french island. The OMT encompasses 3 french overseas territories (Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana).

The project goal is to implement the Altice Labs’ advanced system - NGIN CCP -, which will perform the functions of convergent billing and traffic control system for prepaid and postpaid mobile customers in the OMT operator.

Replacing a legacy platform, and which, due to the topology of three independent sites per territory, will result in a series of new technological challenges. The project team aims that customer migration is done without impact and ensure a greater range of functionalities, to improve the experience for all OMT customers.

The key roles in this Altice Labs/SRP project are:

- Project Manager: Carlos Amaro

- Technical Manager: José António Lopes

- Coordination of Scoping and IOT: Carla Aliete Santos

- Business Configuration Coordination: José António Almeida

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