“The Pig is Back” Peddy Paper

18/03/2019     Peddy Paper / logOUT

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On the 28th February, the 2nd "The Pig is Back" Peddy Paper  was held at the Altice Labs campus, as part  of the company's 3rd Anniversary.

This challenge began at 9:45 am with a stretching and warm-up session given by the "KnockOut" gym, and the beginning of the game was at 10:15 am.

This year the event had 31 teams of four elements each, allowing the 124 participants to run, jump, investigate, get to know the Altice Labs facilities, make new friends in a spirit of constant help, and as main goal to decipher 19 enigmas to complete the final challenge. Here are some of the comments from the participants:

"The help between teams was amazing, as it should always be!..."

"I had a great time, I ran a lot and I really enjoyed the challenges, not only discovering the location of the photos but also solving the riddles!"

"The games were fun, exceptional conviviality."

"Congratulations on the initiative."

"In our opinion, it was an amazing experience. From the organization, to the environment and lunch. I think the activity duration could be extended for another 30 minutes. "

"Congratulations to all who made the activity possible."

"First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for your work to create such a different day."

Once the Peddy Paper was finished, a social gathering and a lunch of roasted pork on the spit was held with all the game participants, guests and collaborators of Altice Labs. During the day there were various playful activities such as karaoke, board games and cards, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The 3 best teams stepped up the podium, with the awards being given out by the CEO of Altice Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca. The winning teams were:

1st place - CalcaXtrums: Robert Vidal, Nuno Miguel Duarte, Tiago Cantão, João Carreira;
2nd place - Fixes&Chips: Pedro Sá, Gil Serafim, Fernando Parente, André Bonito;
3rd place – As Feras: João Ferraz, João Rodrigues, Ricardo Cadime, Tatiana Fonseca.

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