logOUT Activities: Board Games and Theatre Play

19/02/2019     Board games / theatre / workshop / logOUT

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In the context of a logOUT initiative, a workshop on board games and a theatre play were held.

Board Games Workshop

Large technology companies encourage forms of distraction in the workplace, to promote  camaraderie and motivation. The general consensus is that micro-breaks are beneficial and essential for productivity.

In this context, the 2nd edition of the Board Games Workshop was held on the 15th January and 4th February, to demonstrate that there are games that can be used in short breaks and that have a beneficial potential in the workplace, improving communication and collaboration between coworkers (team building):

- stress decompression;
- motivational energy boost and positivism;
- creativity stimulation and problem-solving capabilities;
- soft-skills training.

"Marchafone" theatre play starring Altice Labs collaborators

"It’s the 11th November 1918, the war is over. Two telephone operators, an inventor, a wiretap, a boss, a hostess, and a President will go back in time to show how communications have evolved since then. "

This was the theme that a group of amateur actors, collaborators of Altice Labs, brought to the play, entitled "Marchafone" that premiered during the Christmas Dinner.

The success achieved by it, encouraged the organization to do a 2nd edition which took place on the 24th January, at the Altice Labs’ Amphitheater with a full house.

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