LogOut activities at the end of the year 2018

17/01/2019     logOUT

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Beer Labs - Christmas Ale

On the 15th November, our artisan beer producers, Hélder Santana, Pedro Miguel Franco, Pedro Mónica and José Miguel Freitas, started a beer production to be distributed at the Christmas dinner to all collaborators. After brewing, the beer was fermented for 12 days in its own fermenters, in a dry environment, with controlled temperature and low light.

The next phase was bottling the beer, in which, with the help of some volunteers, it was possible to bottle and label 450 bottles.

On Christmas dinner day, the bottles were distributed by all collaborators.

This video shows the whole process as well as the recipe of this beer:

- Name: BeerLabs - Christmas Edition 2018 (Christmas Ale);
- Alcohol: 6.8%;
- Validity: 05/2020 (1 year and a half);
- This beer should be kept high, away from heat sources and out of sunlight.


Sushi Workshop

A sushi workshop was held on 29th November at the Altice Labs facilities, monitored by the "Everything about sushi" school.

This workshop is suitable for all those who want to start making sushi at home. In this “Beginners I” workshop it was possible to learn all about the utensils, Japanese products, rice, mise en place, and sushi pieces.

It was a unique moment where pleasure, leisure, knowledge and, of course, eating were combined. It was 3 hours of learning, socializing and tasting all the pieces made.


XMAS Gathering

Last Christmas, logOUT wanted to help those in need, contributing in some way. We contacted the Casci direction and we were informed that Madalena as in need of an articulated bed, because she was in a wooden bed whose conditions weren’t the best. An event was organized on the 13th December  at Altice Labs, to raise funds to help Casci and where great moments of relaxation and joy were also lived. Entries were charged at € 2.50 (which included a capsule drink) and the amount raised reverted in full to the institution.

At the Christmas dinner we were able to collect more funds to buy a bed, two armchairs and an oximeter for Casci, making a total of € 1.023.

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