SIGO’s entry into production at Altice Dominicana

04/12/2018     SIGO / Altice Dominicana

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SIGO, a product that completes problems management lifecycle, by managing, recording and controlling activity associated with them, went into production at Altice Dominicana on the 15th October 2018, after two weeks of training to key users and a week of acceptance testing.

The TTK (Trouble Ticket), WO (Work Order), SA (Site Access) and OneCare modules were implemented. TTK covers the processes of Incident Management, Request Fulfillment and Problem Management, and the WO module deals with the Change Management process. The SA module is used by Altice Dominicana to control the accesses of technicians to the equipment installation sites. Finally, the OneCare module will serve, in this initial phase, the internal IT support processes, with the second phase being opened for use by B2B (Business) customers within the maintenance & support process.

SIGO will thus assume a central position in the functioning of the entire organization and all its collaborators and direct partners, from the telecommunications network maintenance and respective services to the maintenance of internal services.

Being a core operating system, integrations with other organization systems are naturally identified, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Human Resource Management, which will be addressed in future iterations.

At this stage, Altice Dominicana has already taken advantage of the native integrations between the support systems to the operations, some of which are already in production. Thus, it was integrated with NETWIN for network registry consumption, Alarm Manager for incident creation automation and IAM for the application accesses authentication and authorization.

Altice Labs, based on a history of equivalent projects, estimates operating and productivity gains above 30% in processes that are now managed by SIGO.

The success of the entire process was due to the proximity, involvement and pragmatism of the Altice Labs and Altice Dominicana teams from top management to technical teams.

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