Altice Labs as a knowledge production player in the IoT domain

11/06/2018     IGI Global / IoT

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IGI Global has just published a chapter written by Altice Labs in its "Smart Marketing with the Internet of Things" book in 2018.

IGI Global is an international academic publisher, leader in promoting research for the expansion of the knowledge available in the scientific community. IGI Global works closely with researchers and specialized professionals around the world, disseminating quality content in a variety of areas of expertise after approval by a group of experts in the field.

The chapter written by Altice Labs focuses on the transformation that the Communication Service Providers (CSP) will have to undergo to respond to the new digital lifestyle.

A new evolution of society is under way, supported by information and communication technologies, capable of changing even the most conservative habits. This new dynamic is also transforming the way people consume and relate to brands. CSPs have been undertaking digital transformation initiatives to captivate and engage their customers, placing them at the heart of their operations. But only the deep knowledge of the clients ensures a change with value.

The evolution of IoT and its large-scale dissemination provides useful insights into people's context, facilitating the creation of personalized offers and first-class experiences throughout the journey. IoT fosters innovation and new business development by opening doors to a market in a wide range of domains.

This chapter presents a reflection on the IoT’s incorporation in the sphere of action of CSPs to respond to new digital life forms. The evolution towards the Digital Service Provider paradigm, supported by marketplace platforms that connect customers to suppliers, is a non-return path that requires redefining strategies and focus.

The publication of this chapter in IGI Global puts Altice Labs in the spotlight as a knowledge production player in the field of the Internet of Things.

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