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01/02/2018     Amália

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In the Network Services and Platforms direction, based on the strategic axes of Altice Labs, where product development must rely on simple and rich user experiences, a technological evolution effort has been promoted for its web solutions , so that interactions with the customer can become a trademark of the company.

In this context, "Amália" was developed, which, through its virtual cognitive abilities, has the ambition to become the Virtual Assistant platform of Altice Labs, supporting the development of Omnichannel interactions by Altice Labs.

In the ecosystem of telecommunication operators, "Amália" is positioned in web channels, IVRs or social networks for customer care areas and in particular in Self Care through natural language interactions.

In order to make  this type of application, the development teams of "Amália" (Network and Platform Services), UX (Digital, Internet and Television) and NetQ (Operations Support Systems) and Test and Diagnostic System of Altice Labs, collaborated and concretized specific cases to detect and solve customer problems.

The results have been shared with operators, which has allowed "Amália" to distinguish itself from what has been presented by major players.

The integration and creation of synergies of these systems has been perceived as a value enhancer and it was received with enthusiasm, with work already underway in order to continue to evolve "Amália" with the ambition to make it the channel of the future.

This is a successful example of collaboration between several teams in different areas of Altice with results that increase the individual value of each product and offer, as a whole, to the customers.

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