Altice Labs presents the Technological Radar at MEO

18/05/2017     Technology Radar

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On the 19th April, at the invitation of MEO's HRD, Mário Moreira from the Technological Coordination and Innovation Direction was at Picoas to present the Technology Radar.

The Altice Labs Technological Coordination Group has the responsibility to follow the market and to understand which architectural and technological trends have a short and medium term impact on the market, which are then consolidated in a document entitled Technology Radar.

This theme attracted a lot of interest from the target audience of this event, with around 160 people present during the morning session.

In the afternoon, a workshop was organized by MEO, with the participation of Mário Moreira and Rui Alberto, focusing on the following themes:

- Technology Radar 2016

- Introduction to Microservices

- Altice Labs Foundation Framework

- PostgreSQL and comparison with MySQL and Oracle

- pCloud - the internal cloud of Altice Labs

Altice Labs strongly focuses on finding the most appropriate methodologies and tools to leverage its products and thus investigate and try out new approaches and technological trends for the future.

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