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Altice Labs is the Best Company of the Year among the 500 Biggest and Best

Altice Labs was distinguished as Best Company of the Year in the 2018 edition of the 500 Greatest and Best Companies Awards. The title was awarded at the annual awards event, which has highlighted more than a dozen companies through two special awards and in 13 key markets of the national economy.

In addition to the Best Company of the Year award (which Altice Labs received for the second time), the company simultaneously won the Best Company award in the technology, media and telecommunications market - the fifth time that this happens.

Altice Labs is the Best Company of the Year among the 500 Biggest and Best

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Altice Labs contributes to a scientific article in the field of IoT applied to Viniculture

18/02/2019     ALLSENSORS 2019 / IoT / Maria Teresa Vineyard / viniculture

Filipe Cabral Pinto, from the Technological Coordination and Innovation department, is the co-author of the article "Distributed Sensing System for an Old Vineyard in the Douro Demarcated Region - North Portugal", where he presents a case of IoT technology applied to viniculture

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Students visit from the Professional Course of Computer Equipment Management Technician

15/02/2019     Study visit

In order to attract attention and plant seeds for the future, Altice Labs is preparing in 2019 to receive the visit of many schools and universities in its facilities and laboratories

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PON solutions are scalable and flexible best of breed xPON platforms and equipments.

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Improved health, safety and well-being of people

SmartAL is a technological ecosystem simplifying people’s daily lives from the health, social and safety point of view.

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Provide a higher service quality and customer experience while optimizing both physical and human resources.

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